Start BLACK BRIGHT BEAUTIFUL the carbonspot - made in Germany Farben CARBON BLACK Black or gold The heat sink, which is specially made for is CNC milled from three aluminium blocks, then glass bead blasted and anodised in either black or gold. The massive heat sink ensures a long service life of LED and electronics. is a LED surface-mounted spotlight produced in small series. Wrapped in high-gloss lacquered 2 mm real carbon, the individual fibres shimmer in different shades of black depending on the incidence of light. Real carbon GOLD Leistung DARKNESS ILLUMINATED Light 2.0 With its 900 lumens from 10 watts of power and a colour rendering index (CRI) of over 90, the LED board developed in Sweden stands for the highest quality.
The use of a 230V AC board means that no external power supply is required and therefore no further power losses occur.
Two optics with 25° or 60° beam angle are available, depending on the desired illumination.
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dim2warm DIM2 WARM dim2warm is dimmable with a standard dimmer and changes the colour temperature from 3000K to 2200K. 3000K corresponds to warm white, 2200K creates a very cosy atmosphere, similar to candlelight. The dimming behaviour can vary slightly depending on the dimmer. Overview of tested dimmers Höhen VARIATION 80 mm 60 mm 100 mm 3 heights In addition to the two colours and optics, is also available in three different heights.
These can be mounted individually or as a group in combination.
The diameter is always 93 mm.
Ø 93 mm
Montage QUICK CONNECT Neodymium magnets To facilitate installation, is attached to the ceiling ring, which is laser-cut from magnetic stainless steel, using neodymium magnets.
The cables are simply plugged into the terminal and do not need to be screwed in.
Shop Link BEYOND EDISON Auf Anfrage Special requests such as other beam angles, DALI or anodising in company colours are also possible through small series production. © Beyond Edison T. Krammel 2019. All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy - Legal Notice KONTAKT made